Force Majeure is played using the Star Wars: Force and Destiny game system by Fantasy Flight Games and Lucas Books.

The intro music for all of Season 1 and episodes 1-8 of Season 2 is “Actionable” by BenSounds and further music from BenSounds was used throughout those episodes, credited on the specific episode show notes.

The intro music for the remainder of Season 2 is “Super Power Cool Dude” by Kevin MacLeod ( and further music by Kevin MacLeod is credited in the specific show notes for those episodes.

Our outro music throughout is “Suburban Outlaw – Instrumental Version” by Forget The Whale.  All of these are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License and used with extreme gratitude.

Some of our ambient sounds are provided by Syrinscape – because epic games deserve epic sounds! Several others come from the wonderful people at freeSFX.

Throughout the course of our shows we have used a number of tracks provided, again with extreme gratitude, under the Creative Commons licence. The track names and providers are outlined in the episode descriptions, but the links to their websites are:

  • Purple Planet. For eerie and haunting background music perfect to accompanying Dark Side-inspired Force visions.
  • Nicholas Gasparini (Myuu). Some more excellent thematic and dark piano music, including Disintegrating (or, as I call it, Pyjak’s Lament)
  • Di Evantile. An array of excellent background music for a variety of scenarios and genres.


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