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Prinkle, Colonist

Name: PrinklePrinkle

Species: Chadra-Fan

Job Title: Domestic labourer

Location: Daxos Penitentiary Mining Facility

Next of Kin: Unknown

Employment Record: This Chadra-Fan works as part of the domestic staff for the imperial barracks. Showing little intelligence or motivation to improve itself the Chadra-Fan is a satisfactory worker.


Zombicide Invader Cards

Mim and Mikey really like a game of Zombicide. So naturally given some of the adventures that the crew of the Coldfire’s Mercy have been on; it made sense to make up some Zombicide Invader character cards for them. So using the majestic artwork of Kim Kogut, please enjoy and potentially kill the heroes of the Coldfire Chronicles.

Lasa Styngen, Sentinel Artisan

MimName: Lasa Styngen

Species: Human

Job Title: Environmental Engineer

Location: Daxos Penitentiary Mining Facility

Next of Kin: None

Employment Record: Styngen has worked at the facility for six rotations; acting as our Engineer.  Due to the extremely low temperatures on the Moon, Styngen’s primary role is the maintenance and repair of the Atmospheric Dampeners that protect the Imperial Base, to a lesser extent, the prisoner quarters from the extreme weather. I have found Styngen to be a focused employee who maintains the systems under her care efficiently and with care.

There have been some Complaints about Styngen from other staff, most recently from Base Operations who describe her as universally belligerent and confrontational.

Atmospheric Dampeners efficiency: 98%

Complaints filed. No follow up required.