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Tiny Tikus Adventures

Tiny Tikus Adventures is a game in which you play children in the style of Pulp 80s movies and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Think the Goonies or Rugrats and you wont go far wrong. It’s a light hearted game; so it’s not the sort of rules to use if you want to run Stephen King’s IT.

Tiny Tikus Adventures – it’s a bit like the Goonies

Tiny Tikus  Adventures has nine skills and three defensive Pools.

To create a character you allocate each skill with a number from 1 to 3. Starting characters have three skills at level 1, three at level 2 and three skills at level 3.

Tiny Tikus Adventures – It’s a bit like Rugrats

The Skills

  • GADGET: The Gadget skill covers your engineering and tech rolls. It allows you to build and repair technological items
  • SMARTS: Your smarts are how good you are at knowing useful trivia. It also allows you to make leaps of logic and reasoning
  • SHOOT: Shoot is the skill you roll when trying to use a ranged weapon. It is also useful for gauging distances, throwing objects, figuring out trajectory and using catapults.
  • BREAK: The Break skill covers brute strength and smashing things. It is also your stat to roll if you are using a close combat weapon.
  • HIDE: The hide skill covers sneaking; but also be used for stealing and sleight of hand.
  • INSPIRE: The Inspire Skill is rolled whenever try and get somebody to do something they do not want to do. You can also use it to repair damage to your MIND Defensive total (see below)
  • SEEK: The Seek skill denotes how perceptive you are; it also covers detective type skills.
  • HEAL: The Heal skill allows you to heal your wounds – it also allows you to heal the wounds of your allies. Essentially you can use it to repair damage to your HEALTH Defensive total (see below)
  • LIE: The Lie skill allows you to tell convincing falsehoods. Incredibly useful when talking to grown ups.

Rolling a skill check is simple. To use a skill you pick up the number of D6 equal to your skill level. For example a character with a Gadget of 2 would roll 2 dice. Make sure one of these dice is a different colour than the others – this is the wild dice (if you only have one dice to roll; then that dice is the wild dice). Roll all the dice together and add up the total.

In normal circumstances if the total of all the dice you roll is more than 6 then you have succeeded; if you get more than a 12 – you have two successes and if you get more than an 18 you get three successes (and so on).

  • If you roll a 6 on the wild dice you can roll that dice again and add  both numbers to the total. If you roll a 6 on your second roll; keep rolling
  • If however rolling a 1 on the wild dice means that something has gone a little awry and you have a complication. You may still succeed; but it might not go completely according to plan.
  • Items and situations may allow the GM to add flat numbers to your total; the GM will tell you when this is appropriate.
Tiny Tikus Adventures – It’s a bit like Muppet Babies

The Defense Pools

From these nine skills; you work out your three defence totals. Add up your dice in all the Skills that correspond to it and note this number next to:

  • HEALTH [Shoot, Break, Heal]: Physical Injuries are mostly taken from the Health pool
  • MIND [Gadget, Smarts, Inspire]: These can be mental attacks; Jedi Mind tricks, exhaustion, scary things.
  • EVADE [Hide, Seek, Lie]: When you are asked to roll against the above two pools; you can instead take from the Evade Pool. Unlike HEALTH and MIND – EVADE can only be healed after a night’s rest.

These Pools show you how happy and healthy you are; the consequences of attacks are taken directly from these pools. If you take more hits than the number of dice in any of your pools; you are tired and want to go home. Your adventure ends here.

If you are called upon to roll from these Pools; roll the number of dice equal to your current total.

You are looking for 6s. In combat each 6 you roll on your defense dice takes away a success from your attacker. Each success that remains takes one dice from subsequent pools.

Special Abilities

Each character has something special that they can do that makes them special. Tikus for example is an emergent Jedi; he might be able to tap into the force. Roy is a Droid; he might have an attachment just for this situation.

These are represented by Special abilities. Each character will have 2 chances per adventure to us  this special ability.

These abilities are not determined before the game starts; can be spent on anything that fits your character archetype. They can change the game world in some minor but significant way.

Example of Play

Tikus wants to fire his catapult at the mean bully. He has a shoot of 2; so he rolls two dice; one of which he decides is the wild dice. He rolls a 3 and a 6; making 9 (so one success) but has rolled a 6 on the wild dice; so rolls again and gets a 4. His total is 13 – so that’s two successes. The GM give his catapult a +2 to his roll – meaning his total is 15 – so that’s two successes.

The bully has a health defence pool of 6 and a Evade defence pool of 3 – He decides to roll defense against his health and rolls 6 dice; 3,2,2,5,6,4. He got one six so cancels out one of Tikus’s successes. So takes one damage.

If he is hit again; he will have a health defence pool of 5 and an Evade defence pool of 3.


Twitter Headers

Twitter seems to be a bit unforgiving on the old Twitter Headers; so I’m going to show out them here – as they look glorious.
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Bonus Episodes!

When Force Majeure reaches 500 Twitter followers we have a little treat in store for you!

Mikey is going to be running an exciting mini adventure to be released in tandem with our main campaign. That’s right; for a short period you’ll be getting even more Force Majeure as a thank you for all our wonderful listeners.

So very soon you will all be invited to the 6th birthday party for a very special little Besalisk in:

Tiny Tikus 3

I wonder what he’ll be getting from his parents.

Coming soon to Force Majeure.

Imperial Security Bureau Watchlist

ISB Red1522531436192_afbbd46d-e202-4ea5-9191-991701751c5aISB Fugitive Report

Compiled by: Agent A942463 Palanqa

Subject URN: 2948739578/192/G2

Subject Codename: SREINA LOADOUT


Personal Data

Name: Dalen Kai-Rhane

Race: Human

Age: 24

Build: Medium

Distinguishing Features:  Full cybernetic replacement for right eye (Ubrikkian model, Chimera Series, Mark IV).

Address: Unknown. Last known location CYNABALE, Outer Rim

Place of Employment: Unknown. Last known location CYNABALE, Outer Rim

Notes: Lieutenant (2nd Class): Current military status: Deserter, Absent without Authorised Leave

Class VIII Star fighter Pilot: Quad-Fusel and Twin Ion. License revoked.

Awarded the Imperial Medal of Valour.

Awarded the Nova Star Medal.


Subject Background

Subject is the child of DRAGOON; confirmed whereabouts unknown to DRAGOON by ISB Loyalty Officers. DRAGOON has agreed to frequent random testing to ensure this status is unchanged.

SREINA LOADOUT graduated Alpha-Nine from Lothal Sector Naval Academy. ISB review of Academy psychiatric evaluation indication no anomalous behaviour. SREINA LOADOUT awarded the Imperial Medal of Valour for their role in OPERATION TURKANA for actions above and beyond the call of duty.

FINAL DROP in Beta test of PROJECT WHEEL. Test successful. PROJECT WHEEL delivery ship unrecovered. SREINA LOADOUT Designated KIA.  Posthumous awarded the Nova Star Medal.

Designation updated to AWOL after AGENT A756DB Coronado discovered PROJECT WHEEL delivery ship on outer rim planet CYNABALE. SREINA LOADOUT status upgraded to Fugitive and Deserter after thirty cycles.


Reason for Fugitive Status

Current affiliation unknown; SREINA LOADOUT remains at large with classified information regarding PROJECT WHEEL.

SREINA LOADOUT should be considered hostile until proven otherwise.


Subject Known Associates

DRAGOON: ISB Commander. Currently Subject to frequent random loyalty testing. Coded threat level: ONYX SLEEPING.


Recommended Action Plan: SREINA LOADOUT is to be taken alive if possible for interrogation. Radicalisation is potential but not yet confirmed. Imperial power is limited due to THROW OSMOSIS influence. For direct search and extraction not authorised. Bounty placed with THROW OSMOSIS.


Imperial Security Bureau Watchlist

ISB Red.jpg

ISB Watch list Report


Compiled by: Agent A756DB Coronado

Subject URN: 4475633878/885/A6

Subject Codename: ROSE PLACARD.

Personal Data

Name: Tikus Bar

Race: Besalisk.

Age: 17

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Features:  Crest has been dyed vibrant red. Wattle has geometric tattoos; these are temporary and are changed on a semi-regular basis.

Address: Bar’s Bespoke Blasters, Dalmas Way, Thier Quadrant, Red Yes, Cynabale, Outer Rim.

Place of Employment: As above.

Notes: Subject habitually travels armed – carries a modified VES-7000 Pulse Rifle referred to as “Clementine”. Permits are up to date. Due to nature of employment likely has access to significant arsenal – should detention be required arrest should be executed off-premises.

Usually accompanied by a reprogrammed and retrofitted Trade Federation B1 Battle Droid referred to as “Roy”. Threat assessment currently under compilation – at present treat as Grade 3F Equipment rather than independent threat.

Subject Background

Subject is the child of FACTORY and DESPITE. Both parents formerly employed by the Trade Federation during the Secession Conflicts / the Clone Wars. DESPITE was employed as part of PROJECT CYCLONE reprogramming B1 droids into combat models. FACTORY was part of the mechanics team also involved in PROJECT CYCLONE and worked on blaster technology. Following the failure of the Secession and the rise of the Empire both FACTORY and DESPITE escaped capture and retired to Cynabale (Outer Rim planet designate 1155852). They have opened an establishment – Bar’s Bespoke Blasters – specialising in weapons and equipment design and modification. At present no enforceable activity has been detected.

Subject was born 17 years ago and has not left the planet. Subject was raised at Bar’s Bespoke Blasters and inculcated into the family trade.

Reason for Watch list Inclusion

ROSE PLACARD first entered watchlist status due to nature of companion / bodyguard – a reprogrammed and retrofitted B1 Battle Droid. Due to parental tutelage and nature of employment subject has developed contacts in the underworld – especially that linked to THROW OSMOSIS – and provided the augmented weaponry and equipment used in at least nine anti-Imperial crimes. See file coded DANCE BASKET. No direct link of culpability has yet been determined – all permits and work are legal to Cynabale standards and as yet Cynabale has not been fully integrated into Imperial rule.

In last 3 cycles has struck up a friendship with CROCUS HARVEST, who has instructed subject in combat skills. The two have developed a Hintaro and Sabaak habit and frequent both the Bloody Kiss (local tavern) and an illicit gambling den called Dunes. Dunes is known to be a front for THROW OSMOSIS.

Subject has short criminal record related to unlicensed modifications. Also tagged as an affiliate to the Screaming Bantha swoop gang but is not yet a sworn member. Of more interest, has recently been spotted with known CRISIS TASK members. There are concerns over radicalisation – given the potential for damages posed by subject’s expertise and access subject has been recoded from threat level to SUNRISE EMERGENT.

Subject Known Associates

FACTORY – former Trade Federation programmer. Mother. Coded threat level EMERALD SLEEPING.

DESPITE – former Trade Federation droid designer. Father. Coded threat level EMERALD SLEEPING.

CROCUS HARVEST – Guild Bounty Hunter. On partial retainer to THROW OSMOSIS. Coded threat level CRIMSON EMERGENT. Friend.

HORN TRIFOLD – leader of the Screaming Bantha swoop gang. Coded threat level CRIMSON EMERGENT. Associate.


Recommended Action Plan: At present, observation only. Radicalisation is potential but not yet confirmed. Imperial power is limited due to THROW OSMOSIS influence. Flag for collection if subject travels off-planet.